Which Wi-Fi router is right for you?

Which Wi-Fi router is right for you?

When it comes to buying a new Wi-Fi router (Wi-Fi is short for Wireless Fidelity), there are a few different types of Wi-Fi routers out there and most of the time, it really depends on the type of your internet connection that can be sometimes influenced by your location (rural and urban areas).

If you are looking to replace your wireless router, say a BT Home Hub* for example to improve the range and speed of your wireless signal throughout your house. Since your BT Home Hub has both modem and Wi-Fi router in one device so you should be looking at Wi-Fi Modem Routers section, also called Wi-Fi DSL Routers or , not Wi-Fi Routers (without the word ‘Modem’ or ‘DSL’) because the Wi-Fi routers do not have a built-in modem. The Wi-Fi Router would need to be connected by a cable to a modem router that is supplied by your ISP, most likely Virgin Media in large urban areas such as Belfast or Bangor.

Here is a comparsion pictures of Wi-Fi Router and Wi-Fi Modem Router on the rear of the units as follow:

Wi-Fi Modem Router

See a light grey port marked DSL above? This is where you connect it to the BT socket. Now let’s see the Wi-Fi router below:

Wi-Fi Router

You can see that it does not have a built-in modem. You get a blue WAN port instead, it is only for connecting directly to a modem supplied by your ISP, with an ethernet (network) cable.

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